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Charles Greenberg
"Buoyed by Charles Greenberg's winning music..." - NY Times

In 1996, he began a rich, collaborative experience with Barbara Zinn Krieger, librettist, lyricist and artistic director for Making BooKs Sing. Sky Boys: The Making of the Empire State, which struck a responsive chord with both audiences and critics, and 2012's return of The Butterfly.


Charles Greenberg - The Mini Swing Nutcracker
The Mini Swing Nutcracker

A personalized take on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker ballet.

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Charles Greenberg - The Mini Swing Nutcracker
Early Jazz arrangements

By Charles Greenberg for
Hunterdon Hills Playhouse Orchestra

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The Chocolate Ambassador never made it past a lab production at the Vineyard Theatre, but I've only recently digitized the original demo recording from 1991. It has some great singing by my collaborator and Broadway great, Camille Saviola and a generous, (considering his Falsettos schedule), Stephen Bogardus.

Coming in 2016

Young Charles Dickens  returns for the 2016 holiday season at the Clurman Theatre on 42nd Street, New York City.

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